DIY Popsicle #009 : Blueberry Banana Yogurt Popsicle

diypopsicle9_blueberryyogurt001 diypopsicle9_blueberryyogurt002 diypopsicle9_blueberryyogurt003

The yogurt pops are just as easy to make as it is satisfying to consume.  I have mentioned before, that the flavored yogurts are your best bet for an (almost)-instant popsicle treat.  Just fill up your popsicle molds with ready yogurt and freeze.

But I still feel guilty for its sugar content.  The frozen yogurt sometimes can taste just as good as they are straight off the tubs from the chiller compartment.  If you have made enough ice cream, you’ll know that more sugar/ sweetener is required for the recipe because the ice cream (or anything desserts frozen) will taste blander when frozen.  I have to disregard all my diet concerns when making ice cream at home, but it’s good to know how much sugar you are getting, and what commercial joints are adding in, this sort of deter me from binging on ice cream when I am feeling for a sweet fix.  The hot days lately aren’t exactly helping with my curbs either.

So enter plain/greek/greek-style yogurts as the base for today’s popsicle recipe,  plus bananas and blueberries as the natural sweetener.  Here’s roughly how:

Blueberry Banana Yogurt Popiscle
- Plain yogurt (I used full fat version for a creamier texture)
- 1 large banana (the riper, the sweeter, the better)
- 1/4 cup blueberries (fresh or thaw them if frozen)


– In a food processor, blend banana and blueberries until smooth.
– Measure this banana/blueberry mixture in a measuring cup, and fold into twice as much yogurt till it is well mixed.  The more yogurt you have in the mixture, the more creamy and less icy it will be.  My own preference for the banana to yogurt ratio is 1 : 2.  Feel free to adjust.
– Taste the mixture, and add some honey if it is not sweet enough.
– Scoop mixture into the mold.  I added 2-3 blueberries first into mold to make the popsicle look nicer, totally optional.
– Tap the mold on the table a few times before freezing, to get rid of air pockets within the mixture.
– Freeze till popsicle is set, at least 3 hours.

++ Notes To Self ++
I use full fat yogurt for a creamier texture end result.
The riper the banana, the sweeter it is.
Fresh or thawed frozen blueberries are both okay for this recipe.

DIY Popsicle #003 : Banana Puree Popsicle

diypopsicle3a diypopsicle3b diypopsicle3c diypopsicle3d

First, an easy ice cream recipe : Always stock a small tub of frozen cut bananas in the freezer, that is all you need to make “healthy, sugar-gluten-dairy free, single ingredient ice cream” on a hot day.

Just puree the frozen fruit in a blender till they look like sticky “cream”, you may need to start-stop the blender a few times and use a spoon to move the frozen bananas around so that they get into the blades.

The end result is so close to the real thing; tastes, melts and glides around in your mouth just like normal ice cream, minus the guilt.  You can re-freeze the puree to get a firmer texture, but I usually can’t wait, just scoop them out and serve direct on a cone, sometimes with toppings like chopped almonds or peanuts.  Today, I blended more bananas and mold them into popsicles.

For the today’s popsicle recipe,  I blended a bit of natural yogurt with the banana puree made from 2 large bananas.  This is to add some tangy flavor, which I like in my popsicles, totally optional.

DIY Popsicle Version 003 : Banana Puree Popiscle
1. Base : Banana Puree.  Blend and blend 2 large frozen cut bananas and 2 tablespoons of natural/ greek yogurt (optional) till you get a sticky mixture. Fill popsicle molds with puree.  Tap the molds on the table a few times before freezing, to get rid of air pockets inside the mixture.
2. For some bites : None.

DIY Popsicle #002 : Mango Yogurt Popsicle

diypopsicle2 diypopsicle2a

I made popsicles yesterday with Yoplait Mango Yogurt.  If the creamy kind of popsicle is what you like, then there are a lot of flavors for you to experiment with at the dairy section.  Some recipes online suggest draining away the extra liquid in the yogurt first, for a truly creamy texture.  But I have no problem skipping this step, my frozen yogurt popsicles still turn out creamy, like ice cream.

DIY Popsicle Version 002 : Mango Yogurt Popiscle
1. Base : Yoplait Mango Yogurt.  Simply scoop yogurt straight into the mold.  Tap the mold on the table a few times before freezing, to get rid of air packets within the yogurt.
2. For some bites : The yogurt already came with chunks of mangoes.   If you prefer more bites, or a different species of mango like the Indian or Thai variety, feel free to dice some and add them in first before filling the mold with yogurt.

DIY Popsicle #001 : Orange Strawberry Kiwi Popsicle

diypopsicle1 : orange strawberry kiwi popsicle // mono+co
The weather is so hot lately, I am glad I finally bought these $2 popsicle maker (makes 4 popsicles) from Daiso to make my own healthy cold treats. There are so many combinations of fruit juice and cut fruits to use, it’s really up to your own imagination and creativity to come up with your favourite recipe. Or leave it to the store’s fruit section promotion to decide. 🙂

Just stick to these 3 simple rules:
– Always put the diced fruits into the mold first, before filling it up with juice.
– Freeze for at least 3 hours before trying to remove the popsicles from the mold.
– Run the mold under running tap water to slightly defrost the ice on the mold first, before attempting to pull out the popsicle.

DIY Popsicle Version 001 : Orange Strawberry Kiwi Popsicle
1. Base : Freshly squeezed orange Juice, about 2 big oranges is enough for 4 popsicles. The supermarket happened to run promotion for oranges at $2.80 for 10. Even if the oranges are sour, they will still taste fantastic as popsicles!
2. For some bites : Diced kiwi fruits and Korean strawberries. You’ll be surprised how little you need to fill 1/3 of the molds, before topping up with juice.