Simple Pleasures – CNY 2022

// hanging up leeks, my favourite edible CNY decoration-cum-food. Chinese knots and ribbon were previously decorations on a gift hamper, diverted them from the trash bin. Yay!

// placed my money planter from here into an empty tea canister, the red colour is an instant ‘huat’ effect!

// another hamper embellishment diverted from the incinerator πŸ™‚

// never mind that this is actually a mooncake tin, repurposing it for displaying sweets and goodies that don’t require an air-tight container.

// I no longer need new outfits to usher in the new year. This habit has saved me plenty of shopping time and even more money on impulse buys, especially styles that I don’t wear beyond CNY. With proper care, I have many pieces that are still in great condition. Others just need some mending/alteration to become wearable again. Or a thorough washing, never fails to restore stuff to its former glory.

// took home a stack of excess marketing materials to add even more festive cheer to my place, beats sitting in the warehouse and turning irrelevant after the CNY.

// with limited house visits, we are spending a lot of time at home. Borrowed a few Ebooks from NLB, to be devoured over the next three days.

// counting my vegetarian journey into its 15th year, I have not run out of things to eat, still exploring new vegetarian recipes and ingredients. I discovered konjac sashimi last year but they are mostly in grey/brown colour. Found this version mimicking lobster meat that is a perfect addition to my CNY yusheng, as the vegetarian salmon slices are getting more pricey.

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