Fried Nian Gao With Rice Paper

I love my mum’s deep-fried nian gao with crispy batter but I have never cooked this CNY snack before. My small-batch home cooking style doesn’t justify the amount of oil required. There are pan-fried recipes that use less oil like this and this, but I got interested only after seeing this version wrapped in spring roll skin.

I want to taste more of the nian gao than the skin, the outer covering should just be crispy. I used these clear rice paper as they are thinner than spring roll skins and have a neutral taste.

Soften the rice paper with water and fold a piece of nian gao in it. Pan-fry over low heat until the bottom turns crispy.

Flip and fry the other side as well.

The rice paper is really thin as you can see the nian gao inside through the skin.

The nian gao is ready when both sides are cooked, serve immediately.

I really like the nian gao made this way; no fuss and just one frying pan to wash.

Keeping the rest of the nian gao slices in the fridge, frying more in the next few days!

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