DIY Popsicle #003 : Banana Puree Popsicle

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First, an easy ice cream recipe : Always stock a small tub of frozen cut bananas in the freezer, that is all you need to make “healthy, sugar-gluten-dairy free, single ingredient ice cream” on a hot day.

Just puree the frozen fruit in a blender till they look like sticky “cream”, you may need to start-stop the blender a few times and use a spoon to move the frozen bananas around so that they get into the blades.

The end result is so close to the real thing; tastes, melts and glides around in your mouth just like normal ice cream, minus the guilt.  You can re-freeze the puree to get a firmer texture, but I usually can’t wait, just scoop them out and serve direct on a cone, sometimes with toppings like chopped almonds or peanuts.  Today, I blended more bananas and mold them into popsicles.

For the today’s popsicle recipe,  I blended a bit of natural yogurt with the banana puree made from 2 large bananas.  This is to add some tangy flavor, which I like in my popsicles, totally optional.

DIY Popsicle Version 003 : Banana Puree Popiscle
1. Base : Banana Puree.  Blend and blend 2 large frozen cut bananas and 2 tablespoons of natural/ greek yogurt (optional) till you get a sticky mixture. Fill popsicle molds with puree.  Tap the molds on the table a few times before freezing, to get rid of air pockets inside the mixture.
2. For some bites : None.

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