Diy Citronella Oil ‘Reed’ Diffuser

diy reed diffuser // mono+codiy reed diffuser

This ‘Cang Mao Yew” is available at most local medical halls, and contains 20% citronella oil, making it a natural and very affordable mosquito repellent.  I have been pouring it into small saucers and placing them around the house where I want to repel mosquitoes.  It evaporates fast though, due to the presence of methol crystals, so I gotta top up the saucers almost every week.  I also drip (can’t pour, the dispenser is just a tiny hole) a lot into my oil burner, minus the flame*, for better aesthetics.

Talking about better aesthetics, I just diy-ed an existing new bottle to a ‘reed’ diffuser with origami paper and adhesive tapes from Daiso.  I flip the reed daily to refresh the diffusing process.



/  *not to be used with a lighted candle, dangerous as it has a very low smoking point.

/  i used a wooden skewer with the pointed end snipped off, rattan would have been a better choice.

/  there are a few versions or brands of ‘Cang Mao Yew’, this made in Singapore brand happened to be one with the highest concentration of citronella oil on its ingredient list.  The rest of the ingredients : clove oil (25%), methol (25%), white oil (10%) and eucalyptus (20%).

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