Tidy Tuesdays : Cord Mess

Taming Cord Mess // Mono+Co

Cords, cables, wires.  Where do I start and where do they end?  I am never the best person to decide power point locations around the house.  I will just hide them away for aesthetics purpose instead of considering their locations from a necessity point of view.

I wish every appliance will be wireless someday.  If that is not possible, then that device will come with its own retractable cord, like those found in the vacuum cleaners.  Extend when I use them, retract and hide the wires when they are being stored away.  Can’t help but see coils of cords around the house as a potential landing area for dust and dirt.   Thankfully, my electrical kettle comes with a design that allows the dangling cord to be coiled and hidden below the base.  Grease and dust? Yikes, you get the idea.

Right now, I am using 2 solutions to organize cords that are way too long.

Taming Cord Mess // Mono+Co

Make knots : For slim and long ones like charging cables, which I want them at a fixed length, I shorten them by making a wobble, there are plenty of Youtube guides online, just search “wobble”.

This monkey knot looks stylish for cord management too, but I have yet to use it.

Taming Cord Mess // Mono+Co

Cable Reel : For other devices that I need some flexibility in the cord’s length, I use this cable reel (photo above) from Daiso that allows me to coil up lengthy cords in a white subtle enclosure.  It comes in 2 models/sizes, but I find the large one easier to use as it coils up longer cords like those of table lamps (they are the most generous when it comes to cord lengths!) and standing/table fans (the adjustable reel allows me to alter the length of the cable depending on which part of the house I want the fan to cool down.)

I have 5 of this cable reel at various parts of my house now, they are a breeze to use and the best part is they instantly erase sight of cluttered cable mess tagging behind these appliances :

Taming Cord Mess // Mono+Co Taming Cord Mess // Mono+Co Taming Cord Mess // Mono+Co Taming Cord Mess // Mono+Co






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