Mochi With Natural Purple Coloring

Purple Mochi // Mono+Co Purple Mochi // Mono+Co

What do you get after boiling purple sweet potatoes for 15 minutes?

I got myself a pot of mashed sweet potatoes in purple colored water.  Usually, I will sweeten it slightly for a nice afternoon dessert soup, but the creative side of me decided to adapt some of my favorite recipes with this natural purple color extract.

Mochi is the easiest since I have some 2 months old glutinous flour to clear.  Without even weighing what I have, I simply empty the bag (hand-feel estimate 120g?) into the smallest metal mixing bowl that I have, add sugar, and then pour enough of the purple soup (make sure it has cooled down completely) to make a slightly runny mixture.  If you have never made mochi before, this previous recipe will be a better guide, just replace the plain water with the water that was boiled with purple sweet potatoes.

The mochi mixture color looked a tad pastel before it was cooked, but it turned several shades darker after 15 minutes of steaming.

Purple Mochi // Mono+Co

I made two different batches, one coated with sweet potato flour, another one with kinako.  The ones coated with sweet potato flour looked prettier, but kinako coated ones tasted nicer.

Purple Mochi // Mono+Co





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