Turn Them Into Pretty Gifts : Recycled Glass Jars

messageinabottle005 messageinabottle004 messageinabottle002 messageinabottle006 messageinabottle007

Children’s Day is around the corner.  These “Message in a bottle” gift jars were made for Teachers’ Day last month.  I will be using the same idea to pack my Children’s Day gifts.

Simply gather some clean empty jars, thoroughly washed and air dried as you do not want strange mould growing inside them after a few days.  The only step left is to doll them up with labels, ribbons and the prettiest kind of message cards you can find.  Cover the lid with a squarish patterned paper or fabric and fasten with craft twine, this will complete the “handmade” look.

They will look real pretty as a set (photo 3 above) when bottles of a consistent size are used.  But this doesn’t really matter as they will be distributed to different recipients anyway.  The more important thing to note is that taller glasses are preferred, so that the message on the cards can be read easily without the lid wrapper obstructing.  The large 1kg Nutella bottles (photo 4 above) are the best for displaying messages with its wider body design.

You can gift the decorated jars as they are, like 3D greeting cards, or you can up the ante by filling them with goodies like sweets, chocolates or even small toys.  Just make sure that food items that are greasy or melt easily that could stain the message cards are packed in separate plastic bags.

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