DIY – Calendar Makeover

calendar makeover 001calendar makeover 008
My daughter likes the old school style daily calendar, while I use the tear off sheets for scribbling random notes.  These wall calendars are usually free, and the daily chinese horoscope and quotes makes a pretty interesting read from time to time.  But the auspicious “Gong Xi Fa Cai” red frame is starting to look dated after Chinese New Year, as if I am still leaving behind some CNY decoration in the house, long after the festive celebration is over.

So I updated it with a few simple items:
1) a very thick A4 cardboard wrapped with patterned paper as backing,
2) grey felt to cover the red metal frame, which I retain part of, as a tearing guide.
3) large white clip for design.

Here are some step-by-step photos that I took along the way :
calendar makeover001
(above) Original calendar design, I used a simple S-hook to hang it on the wall.  Not so nice.
calendar makeover 002
(above) Dismantle the calendar to separate the three components : calendar + screw and bolt + metal frame.
calendar makeover 003
(above) For brand new calendar, there is no need for this step.  But I have used this calendar for a few months, a big gap is left from the torn out section, so I cut the frame to retain just the front panel to use it as a tearing guide for the remaining months.
calendar makeover 004
(above) Align the grey felt over the metal tearing guide and poke a small hole on the felt over the calendar’s larger punch hole and slowly push the screw through the felt, metal sheet, and calendar.
calendar makeover 005
(above) The hole on the felt cannot be too big or the screw will simply go through it instead of binding the felt onto the calendar.
calendar makeover 006
(above) Mark the two spots on the thick cardboard where the calendar will be mounted on.  Poke a small hole and wrap the cardboard with decorative paper, make a small hole where the spots were marked earlier.  Push the screw through, and finally fasten with bolt.
calendar makeover 007
(above) How the calendar looks after completion.

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