Egg In A Hole – Nanyang Style

egg in toast eggtoast001 P1210254

I am adding a “Nanyang” twist to this classic breakfast item, by seasoning the runny egg in the center of the bread with pepper and dark soy sauce.  The center hole cut out is not discarded, but eaten as a buttered toast, dipped in the runny egg.  Yummy!

++Note.001 // To make the egg look as pretty as possible, I first set the egg in the bread in a heated skillet over the stove.  Instead of flipping the toast to cook the other side of the egg, I transfer and cook it in a toaster oven instead.  That explains the white, smooth looking egg surface on my toast.



1 slice of bread

1 egg


pepper and dark soy sauce, for seasoning


01. Use a cookie cutter (any shape you like) to cut out a hole in the bread.  I use the rim of a drinking glass to make a round hole.  Toast the cut out bread, set aside.

02. Heat up skillet, place bread with hole in it.

03. Add a knob of butter inside the hole, once the butter melts completely, crack an egg into the hole.

04.  Do not attempt to move the bread, let the egg set in the hole by cooking it over medium heat.

05. The base of the egg will get cooked and turned white first, but about half of the egg white will still be transparent and runny.  At this moment, transfer the bread carefully to a toaster oven tray with a spaluta.

06. Continue to cook the bread in a toaster oven, about 3 minutes, till the surface of the egg looks cooked, (i.e.egg white turns completely white/opaque).  Just don’t let the bread become burnt. 🙂

07.  Remove from toaster oven, transfer to a serving plate, sprinkle with a dash of pepper and a splash of dark soy sauce.

08. Serve warm, with cut out bread toast, topped with butter, at the side.

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