What To Say At A Lo Hei Session

what to say during a lo hei session

Tomorrow will mark day #15 and the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration period.  Last night, we decided to have a last session of Lo-Hei for 2014 at home, with a prepacked Yu-Sheng ingredients.  I topped up with lots of julienned green radish and carrots, a lime, more ground peanuts (I thought the quantity they provided was too little), toasted white sesame seeds, and peanut oil.  Did not prepare fish, as no one takes raw fish at home.

The other few DIY Lo Hei sessions we had so far, always ended up with the same situation, not knowing what to say, as the ingredients are tossed in.

Not this time.

So asked my eldest daughter to do some Goggle-ing, and we happily tossed the Yu-Sheng ingredients away.




/ the website  for the auspicious phrases.

/ i found this info-graphic later.

/ hundred percent  homemade Yu-Sheng is possible.

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