A Lovely Long Weekend

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01. We managed to catch the Deepavali Festival Village tucked along Campbell Lane and Hasting Road on the its final day.

02. The bazaar was huge on party poppers, confetti showers, and decorative items.  It got really crowded when we reached the festive snack stall.

03. The block of flats above Tekka Market, interestingly, houses lifts with transparent viewing windows! (Is this a trend everywhere, or have I been living in a cave?)  We took it all the way up (25 floors in all), and could see Marina Bay Sands from where we stood.  I then realized that the lift interior was uncomfortably hot and stuffy, due to the scorching noon sun that was shining through the window.  I silently prayed that the lift would not stall on my way down, for I think it is pretty painful getting stuck in there where the ventilation fan above don’t even work well enough, suffocating while waiting for help. (Touch wood!)

04. I later learned that the Indians have a very, very sweet tooth.  I bought 6 pieces of the sweets back to sample (they have a lot more variety!), but I could only bit a tiny portion off each time, only to find it too sweet for a second bite, before returning it back into the fridge.  It is still there, and I have a feeling that I won’t be able to finish them at all…

++ I passed by Moghul Sweet Shop (48 Serangoon Road) and saw a long queue at its entrance.  Will return for their Kaju Katli, as they look simple amazing with the edible silver foil! ++

2 thoughts on “A Lovely Long Weekend

  1. Hehe they really do have a sweet tooth–asking for “less sugar” in your coffee and tea doesn’t make a difference! That’s how I started drinking teh-o kosong. And I’ve only ever seen those lifts in that block, they’re so cool yeah? That building used to look so rundown until they gave it a new paint job–thought the colours they chose were great! Some of the new colour schemes are so gaudy.

    If you’re there again, Everest Kitchen’s great for naan! And they used to serve dumplings, which were very tasty too. My fave Indian dessert used to be gulab jamun, which is this sweet orange ball served in a sweet syrup. (I’d drain the syrup from the ball before eating it!)


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