DIY Honey Peanut Butter

honeypeanutbutter1 honeypeanutbutter2 honeypeanutbutter3

Do you know that by running roasted peanuts in a food processor for several minutes, you’ll get peanut butter?

No lengthy list of ingredients or instructions.  It is interesting to see the peanuts being transformed into a smooth paste within 5 minutes.  I make just enough to be consumed within 2 days using a handful of peanuts.  It will take slightly more time to process for larger servings.  I stopped short of letting them becoming too runny as it is more difficult to use as a bread spread.  As a drizzle for waffles or pancakes, I will process them longer.

I do not add salt or oil, like most recipes online, as I use ready roasted salted peanuts.  Make sure you get the skinless ones.  Honey is added towards the end of the blending process to make it tastier for the kids.   After reading this, I might even consider adding chocolate chips for my next batch.

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