Brown Bag Makeover

brownbag1 brownbag2 brownbag3 brownbag4 brownbag5 brownbag6

The brown bag is one of my favorite gift packaging material for food and goodie bags.  Using simple decorating embellishments such as a pretty ribbon or a gift tag, the bag can look too pretty to be opened up.

Sometimes, the content that you are putting inside the bag can make an interesting decoration as well, such as these nostalgic biscuits from biscuit king.  I showed them off by adding a see through window on the brown bag.

Simply put a small cutting mat inside the bag, and cut out “window” with an X-Acto knife.  I think the round “window” makes the best looking one.  After that, decorate to desire with embellishments.  I used really minimalistic looking ones like round buttons, and neutral color washi tapes, so that the packaging would not look to “busy”.

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