Rojak Salad

rojak salad // mono+co

rojak salad // mono+co

The 油条/fried dough fritters stall near my place is really popular on weekends.  People buy them to dip in black coffee, pork porridge, mung bean dessert, or simply eat the fritters on their own.  Since the waiting time was almost 1 hour, I bought extra for homemade rojak salad, to make the wait more worthwhile.

It’s really easy if you already have the ready rojak sauce like this, or you can also try to make one at home.  There are variable ingredients that can be used for rojak, depending on what you have in the pantry, or what you like.  I used local turnips (correct term is jicama), canned rambutans, pineapples, and the dough fritters of course.  The rojak stalls will usually include beancurd puffs, mango, cucumber and bean sprouts, topped with a generous tablespoons of ground peanuts.

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