Housekeeping : Removing Rust Stain On Glass

Housekeeping : Removing Rust Stain On Glass // Mono+Co

Glass is one of my favorite material.  Plastic is on the other end of the spectrum.  Where possible, I will choose a glass container over Tupperware.  They look prettier and last really long if you don’t have butter fingers.  They are also really fairly easy to clean; most of the glass items in my house still look brand new.

All in mint condition, until I got this rust looking stain on the bathroom shelf.  Seems like someone left a wet metal cap overnight on it and the unsightly ring rust stain formed right in the middle of the shelf, a very eye catching spot.  When I run my finger over the stain, I couldn’t feel anything, just smooth glass, as if the rust color has be absorbed.

I have tried baking soda, in vain, hoping that it will gently scrub off the stain.  Seems like stains on glass are a lot difficult to remove than I thought.  Then I recall this “rust dissolving jelly”from Daiso sitting in the tool box.

Housekeeping : Removing Rust Stain On Glass // Mono+CoHousekeeping : Removing Rust Stain On Glass // Mono+Co

After leaving the jelly for a few minutes, the stain came off easily when I rubbed it off with cotton bud.

Gosh, lucky me,  no more eye sore on the shelf now.  Shelf is looking brand new again.

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