Simple Golden Syrup Popcorn

simple popcorn003simple popcorn002simple popcorn001   simple popcorn004 simple popcorn005

The go-to snack for movie can’t get any easier to prepare when you have golden syrup ready at home as topping.  I used coconut oil to pop the corn kernels, which makes them even more amazing.  The 1/3 cup corn kernels took less than 5 minutes to be done, and they popped to fill up an entire pot.


3 tablespoons coconut oil
1/3 cup corn kernel
Golden Syrup


01. Place 3 corn kernels in a covered pot and heat over medium fire.

02. Once you hear the 3 kernels are popped, remove them from the pot, and add coconut oil and rest of corn kernels into the pot, covered with lid.

03. Corn kernels should start popping in a while, shake the pot back and forth intermittently, so that the popped kernels does not get charred below.  Lift the lid slightly to let steam escaped.

04. Once the popping slow down to just 1 per second, turn off fire, and pour the popcorns into a big mixing bowl.

05. Drizzle golden syrup over the popcorn, mix well with a spoon.

06. Serve immediately, or store in an airtight container.

#03 of #cookdaiso52 with corn kernels from Daiso

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