4 Ingredients Piped Butter Cookies Ver 2.0

block butter 4 ingredient 001 block butter 4 ingredient 002

I just could not find the Golden Churn Butter in tin form after 3 days of looking around, and decided to take matter into my own hands by baking with good old block butter.  This recipe here uses exactly the same proportion of ingredients as my previous attempt.  Plus, there are plenty who recommend to chill the piped cookies in the fridge for 30 minutes before baking so that the piped pattern stays after baking.  So I think using block butter should work, and they are cheaper than the tinned butter, no harm trying, again.

But before that, I have actually tried with …ghee.  I used the same recipe and replace the fat, and I ended up with this.block butter 4 ingredient 006block butter 4 ingredient 008block butter 4 ingredient 009 block butter 4 ingredient 010

Wafer.thin.  Maybe with ghee, more flour is required.  But I am not good at troubleshooting from scratch, so off with the block butter for my second try.

block butter 4 ingredient 013 block butter 4 ingredient 014 block butter 4 ingredient 015 block butter 4 ingredient 016block butter 4 ingredient 018

The patterns appeared fainter after baking, but still turned out better than the ghee version.  So in case the tinned butter is nowhere to be found, just use blocked butter, but chill the dough for 30 minutes before baking.  As the temperature of the dough is colder, I baked them at 180C, instead of 170C.


200g salted block butter, melted
50g icing sugar
150g bread flour
50g corn flour/starch


01. Mix bread flour and corn flour/starch together and sift, set aside.

02. Whisk butter till pale and fluffy with an electric whisk on medium speed.

03. Add icing sugar, continue whisking till all the powder sugar disappear.

04. Pour in the flour mixture, and fold in with a spatula.  Stop once there are no traces of flour.  Over mixing will let gluten form and end up with a harder cookie.

05. Pipe cookies onto baking tray.

06. Bake in a preheated oven 180C for 18 min, until golden brown.

07. Cool cookies completely before storing in an air tight container.

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