Homemade Matcha Latte

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A very quick homemade matcha latte (matcha powder + milk + sugar) and bread to start the first morning of a week long school holiday.

I use this recipe and a french press make milk froth at home.  Simply heat up the milk till it start to steam (do not let it boil) , then pour it into the french press and pump the plunger a few times to froth the milk.  The froth with this method is smooth and good enough to even make latte art.



1.5 teaspoon matcha powder
1 tablespoon hot water
1 cup of full cream milk
1 teaspoon raw sugar


01. In a serving cup, dissolve matcha powder in hot water.

02. Heat up milk and sugar in a saucepan over small fire till it starts to steam.  Do not let the milk boil.

03. Pour the milk into a french press, cover, and press the plunger for about 20 to 30 times to aerate the milk.*

04. Remove the plunger, swirl the french press to mix up the froth a bit, bang the french press on the tabletop 1 to 2 times to remove the bubbles.

05. Once the milk froth is ready, pour it into the serving cup with the dissolved matcha.

06. Serve hot, with a sprinkle of more matcha powder on the top.


* When pressing the plunger, do it gently, Otherwise big bubbles will form instead of smooth creamy froth.


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