DIY Tea Tree Kitchen Grease Cutter

diy grease cutter 4diy grease cutter 3diy grease cutter 5

In a grease cutting mood today, because I just bought a simple-looking 150ml spray bottle.  The smaller bottle is handier, and I am hoping to make the chore of cutting kitchen grease looking/feeling more effortless.

… yup, anything that motivates me to clean.

I have been using vinegar as the main ingredient for a number of DIY household cleaning products; it’s cheap, effective, and toxic free.  First, dilute white vinegar with water.  The vinegar/water ratio will depend on the purpose of the diy cleaner, for kitchen grease, I use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water.  Then, finish off with a favorite scent or two using essential oils.  Some essential oils have additional benefit of being antiseptic (note : different from anti-bacterial), though vinegar alone disinfects pretty well.  Finally, shake the mixture up a bit, and you are ready to go.

- A Spray Bottle
- 1 Part White Vinegar
- 2 Parts Water
- 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil (for 150ml spray bottle)


01. Combine white vinegar and water in the spray bottle.
02. Add tea tree oil.
03. Close the spray bottle and shake to mix the ingredients well.

++ Notes to self ++

Shake the bottle for the content to mix well before using.
Spray on the surface to be cleaned, wait for a few seconds, before wiping off with a clean cloth.
Get translucent containers instead of clear ones as homemade cleaners tend to have a “foggy” or slight discoloration appearance depending on the ingredients used.  Reason is purely for aesthetic.  I prefer something that looks/feels clean to clean my house with.

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