D-I-Y (Decorate It Yourself) Cake


While I have no qualms about eating a sponge cake as it is without any frosting, the kids are more than eager to decorate a cake first before eating it.

It is an easy activity to prepare, with only 4 items, for an hour of fun!

- 1 x 6" whole cake
- Heavy Cream / Whipping Cream
- Food colorings
- A Few Small Clear Plastic Bags/ Sandwich Bags
Optional For Extra Decoration :
- Chocolate Rice 
- Chocolate Buttons
- Colored Sprinklers


01. Prepare whipped cream frosting with these instructions here.
02. Frost entire cake with plain whipped cream.
03. Separate rest of the whipped cream frosting in at least different bowls.
04. Add food colorings to make colored whipped cream.

05. To turn plastic bags into piping bags :
A. Fill the bags with frosting cream, squeeze the cream down to one corner.
B. Twist to tie up the bag, making a knot closer to where the cream is and cut off a tip as a piping hole.
C. Try to cut a smaller hole at first.  You can make a small hole bigger if you find it too small for the cream to be piped out smoothly, but you cannot turn a bigger hole smaller.

06. The rest is up to their imagination and creativity.  Have fun!

Plain cupcakes or muffins are also good alternatives to whole cakes, and just as fun.


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