EzLink Card Makeover

ezlinkcardmakeover1 // mono+co ezlinkcardmakeover3 // mono+co ezlinkcardmakeover2 // mono+co ezlinkcardmakeover4 // mono+co

The card started to break up into 3 separate sheets of plastic few months back, but I  continue to use the center white portion (where the magnetic strip is), without any effort to find a replacement, and secretly proud of my new found minimal style.  But a blank white card is not easy to be spotted in the bag, or wallet, and get lost very easily too.

So I got myself a soft case that fits the card exactly, making sure it still fits inside my wallet.  Then I proceed to spice things up with printable gift wrapper printables here (ducky theme for my girl*), and here (anchor).

The nautical one looks stylish, doesn’t it?  I scaled the files smaller before printing, so that the patterns look proportionate for a small card.

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