DIY Popsicle #006 : Pomegranate Popsicle

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When pomegranate juice/ juice concentrate were once making the anti-oxidant/superfood headlines years ago, I thought they were, too expensive; to drink the bottled version daily?  The frequency was suggested by the promoter in the pharmacy, of course, to boost consumption level and speed up sales.

Pomegranates also looked too complicated a fruit to be de-seeded if I want to buy it fresh, eat it pulp and all, after all fresh is the best, right?  Turns out de-seeding is not that difficult.  De-seed like a pro here (actual de-seeding starts 4:40min, but the overall video is interesting to watch for more information on pomegranate) or here (actual de-seeding starts at 1:30min).  Just be careful not to let the juices stain your shirt.

Since then, I have been buying the fruit only when it’s in season, (I got these last month) and make my own pomegranate juice with a juice extractor.  I don’t eat the fruit as I still haven’t acquire the taste of consuming the seeds along.  My kids have no problem with that though, so I’ll save a small bowl of the fruit for them and juice the rest.

On this particular day,  I juiced another 2 pomegranate to make popsicles.   In case you haven’t tried fresh pomegranate juice before, it tastes like thickened Ribena, but not so sweet, which is yummy!

DIY Popsicle Version 006 : Pomegranate Popiscle
1. Base : Fresh pomegranate juice only
2. For some bites : I did not add any, but I have come across some adding blueberries to their pomegranate popsicle recipes.  Double the anti-oxidant level! 🙂

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