Tea Seed Powder, Again

I am a guest author this week at Secondguru, one of my favorite local eco-lifestyle website for green and sustainable living ideas.  Pop by and read me wax lyrical about the amazing tea seed powder.

I mentioned that I am always looking for more ways to use tea seed powder, sometimes also known as Camellia seed powder.  The multi-use eco-cleaning product that I originally sourced from Taiwan to replace commercial dish detergent (no more dry hands from daily dishwashing chore!) has since become a must-have item around my house.

This is one of those days when the sun is bright and laundry dry so fast that I start looking around the house for more things to wash, with tea seed powder of course.

And this is how I hang my makeup brushes to dry, clutched along my window grilles with stainless steel laundry pegs.

If you have not discovered this wonderful natural cleaning product, it is worth a try considering its affordability at SGD4.90/kg (UPDATE 27 May 2020: The price has since increased to $6.20 for a 1kg pack),  I have shared more tips on tea seed powder uses and where to buy on Secondsguru!

4 thoughts on “Tea Seed Powder, Again

  1. Hey Sandra. Thank you so much for inspiring me to try out tea seed powder. It smells absolutely great and turns out to be a better shampoo and soap for the household. Plus it’s really cheap!

    Blessed to come across your blog via Zaobao. Hope to learn more from your posts and journey!


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