Homemade 2-Ingredient Lip Balm

Homemade 2-Ingredient Lip Balm // Mono + Co

These are a breeze to make, under 20 minutes was all it took after I finished experimenting with my wood butter.  I am using the same recipe as my wood butter : 3 parts coconut oil and 1 part beeswax.  Even this ratio is measured by eyeballing given the tiny batch I am making.  My yardstick for a successful lipbalm recipe is down to earth realistic: as long as the mixture hardens to a balm consistency at room temperature, I won’t frown over a few millilitres differences, not when everything is made of natural ingredients.

If you are interested, this beeswax to oil ratio guide seems to suggest that 1-3 is a good mix for balms.  In fact, on days when I can’t locate my chapstick, I simply smear some oil on my lips and I am good to go.

Homemade 2-Ingredient Lip Balm // Mono + Co

Adding coconut oil is a good idea here in Singapore since it stays in liquid state at room temperature, so the lip balm will be softer to apply.  If you prefer to perfume your lip balm with essential oils, neutral smelling carrier oil like almond and avocado oil will be a better choice.

Homemade 2-Ingredient Lip Balm // Mono + CoHomemade 2-Ingredient Lip Balm // Mono + Co

I mix and heat oil and beeswax in this tiny glass measuring beaker from Daiso.  The beeswax turns solid quickly after the beaker has been removed from water bath.  I am fighting against time to fill the container with the mixture, while the pouring stream starts to solidify.  It is therefore not a good idea use a tall and large mason jar that will end up with lots of solidified wax at the sides during transferring.  This 100ml beaker therefore seems to be the perfect size for my homemade skincare treats.  The spout also helps pouring the mixture into the narrow lipstick tube easier without the need to buy a tiny funnel.

I have some previously diy-ed cocoa butter beeswax lotion that are still way to hard to apply and taking forever to use up.  I will be melting a portion of it with a suitable carrier oil in this beaker to reconstitute into a lotion,  I think my dry feet will thank me.

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