Step-By-Step Guide : Hand Sewn Produce Bag

My hand sewn drawstring bag turned out more useful than I thought.  Originally made to store my homemade bread, I have started using them for buying loose items like dried beans and mushrooms from the dry goods store.  I have also started using them for the fresh produce shop, for broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, fresh mushrooms….

I used this Tenugui from Daiso, measuring 87cm x 35cm.  Since they already come hemmed at the sides, sewing work is minimal.  I chose to sew a drawstring version so that the produce will not fall out from the bag.  An alternative is bag clip, this will be an even simpler project as there will be no need to sew a loop for the cord.

Fold and iron the shorter sides to create a loop for the string to go through later.

Start sewing.  I sew with a blind/invisible stitch so that the stitches can hardly be seen on the right side of the fabric.

Here is a great instructional video to illustrate the how-to.

If I use white color thread, the stitches will hardly be noticed.  Repeat the series of blind stitch on the other end.

To sew the side seam, I used the blanket stitch.  And here’s another video.

Stop sewing when you reach the loop section.

Repeat for the other side.

Flip the bag out.

I used a safety pin to guide a cotton ribbon through the loop.

Tie a knot with the ends and the cotton drawstring bag is done.  Handwash and line dry before use.







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