Natural Starter Potato Boule

Natural Starter Potato Boule // Mono + Co Natural Starter Potato Boule // Mono + Co Natural Starter Potato Boule // Mono + Co

No recipe here, as I am still trying to figure out the best timing for every step in baking a bread with a natural starter:  what time to start, when is the starter most active, how long to wait, and when to bake.  They say every starter is unique, so watch the dough and judge with your eyes, see how the starter rises and falls, how the dough doubles in size, and not be fixated by the clock or recipe instructions.

I tried a few times to “bake by feel” and began to feel confident to use the natural starter for my root vegetable bread recipes.  A few tweaks are still required before I get the amount just right for my pullman loaf.  Until then,  I will just shape them into simple boules if they rise too much or too little to fit into my pan.  This one happens to use 100g of starter, 350g of bread flour and 100g of mashed potatoes, and took me about 15 hours from start to finish.


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