Vegan Tuna Sashimi

Vegan Tuna Sashimi // Mono + Co

This tuna sashimi is meatless, vegan, but can you guess what it is made of?  I was surprised myself when I heard that this common fruit can be turned into vegan tuna sashimi.

Vegan Tuna Sashimi // Mono + Co

Doesn’t it look fresh, succulent and fatty?  Even the grains look so real, like those on fish steaks.  Still got no clue?

Vegan Tuna Sashimi // Mono + Co

Hint : spot the tiny seeds?
Answer : I made vegan tuna sashimi out of …. watermelon!

Vegan Tuna Sashimi // Mono + CoVegan Tuna Sashimi // Mono + Co

The texture is very close to the real thing.  The key is to bake it for  a long time to cook the watermelon so that it turns pliable.

But I need to work on the marinating sauce.  The recipe I followed added rice vinegar, tamari sauce, and oil, so I ended up with a salty slab.  I would try with nori sheet or nori seasoning next time to see if I can add another dimension to the vegan sashimi.

Vegan Tuna Sashimi // Mono + Co

I won’t put up the recipe here since I have not tweak it to the taste I prefer, but I am listing the links that inspired my attempt if you like to try :

+ this served in taco

+ this lady made them look so good on sushi rice

+ after I perfect the marinate, I want to make vegan ahi poke!

+ another watermelon tuna poke bowl here!


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