Simple Pleasures

As I go through the photo folders in my hard disk, I found some random shots of things that caught my eye, made my day, or meaningful enough to make me press the shutter, but just don’t seem to fit in anywhere or significant as a post.  So I thought I will gather them all as an entry on a weekly/fortnightly basis, definitely better than stowing them away.


// these first few top leaves from my avocado plant.


// wooden stuff, all in one place.


// finally, I can cook and boogie.


// 100% hand sewn, because someone has been bugging me for a water bottle holder with carrying strap.


// because the plastic round case that came with the needles broke, so I made this by folding a layer of felt into 2 after getting an idea (that is amazingly no where close to the original) from a DIY one here.



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