Pan Fried Firm Tofu With Kelp Powder

seaweed tofu snack 001 seeweed tofu 002

This is hardly a recipe post due to its simplicity.  Just mixing two of my favorite ingredients together : firm tofu and sea lettuce powder, also known as kelp powder.  Pan fried firm tofu is commonly sighted on our dining table due to my meatless diet.  The fresh ones from the wet markets are the most delicious.  I always get myself 5 pieces of the smaller size ones and finish them up withing 2-3 days in stirfries and stews.  The easiest one is to simply pan fry them till golden brown, and serve with the most humble dip made with only dark soy sauce and chilli padi slices.  Consuming healthy plant based proteins can’t get easier than this.  This one with kelp is the second easiest.

I added a dash of Japanese Shichimi Togarashi (also known as 7 spice mix) while eating and like it very much, so I added this as an optional seasoning in the recipe below.  As it was added after shooting, that’s why you don’t see the pretty red specks appearing in the photos.


2 pieces of firm tofu **
2 tablespoons tapioca starch
3 tablespoons cooking oil
1 tablespoon kelp powder
Optional:Japanese Shichimi Togarashi

** I get the smallest ones that weighs about 150g each.

Pat the tofu dry and dice the tofu into even size cubes. I cut mine into 8 pieces.  In a large bowl, add in the tapioca starch and toss in the tofu cubes.  With hands, gently coat every sides of the tofu evenly with the starch.

Heat up the oil in a frying pan over medium fire.  Pan fry the tofu pieces in a single layer on the pan till all sides turn golden brown.  Transfer the cooked tofu pieces into a clean, large bowl, add a tablespoon of kelp powder and toss again, gently with a spoon, this time to coat the fried tofu pieces with kelp.  Add more kelp powder if it is to your liking.  Season with Japanese Shichimi Togarashi to taste.

Served immediately when the starch coating remains crispy on the surface.

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