DIY Calendar Wooden Frame

calendars printable 2016 001

This diy project takes just S$4 to purchase the supplies and under 5 seconds to assemble, not including the printing part.

Simple choose a calendar you like, print it in A5 size. I chose this monthly calendar from here and print it in booklet form on both sides of the paper.

calendar stand 001

Next, get a large paper clip with magnetic backing, make sure it is a strong one, like this one I got from Daiso.

calendar stand 002

Then under the kitchen section, look for a wooden cutting board is a bit bigger than A5 size.  I found this bamboo wood board, also from Daiso.

calendar stand 003

Lastly, simply clip the the printout onto the board, and display it on any metal surface around the house, like the fridge door or bomb shelter entrance.

calendar stand 004

I tried it with a planner print out, it’s just as pretty!

calendar stand 005

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