Simple Onigiri : Salmon Rice Mix And Dulse

simple onigiri 001 simple onigiri 003 simple onigiri 004 simple onigiri 005 simple onigiri 006

Onigiri makes a great rice meal that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.  When 3 out of the 4 ingredients are instant, how long can they take to make?  They are pretty to look at and also taste good according to the kids.  Whenever I pick them up from school, they will request for finger food to munch on their ride home.  Onigiri is one of such car ride friendly snacks: no food spills!

// Some recipes call for sushi vinegar to be added to the cooked rice first, as I find the rice mix already contains sugar and salt, I skipped this step.

// I realized that with some creativity, I can actually cook quite a variety of food often using ingredients or kitchenware from Daiso.  I am starting this #cookdaiso52 challenge to see if I can hit 52 dishes with things from Daiso.  This is #1.  This could mean more onigiri variations coming.

#1 of #COOKDAISO52


2 cups cooked short grain rice
1 tablespoon salmon rice mix*
1 tablespoon dulse flakes*
nori sheets*


01. When the cooked rice are still hot after cooking, add the salmon rice mix and dulse flakes and mix well.  The dried rice mix needs the heat from the steamed rice to hydrate.  Allow rice to cool slightly till warm to touch.

02. With wet hands (to prevent rice from sticking on working hands), take out a handful of the prepared rice and roll them into a ball, triangle or oblong shape, pressing the rice balls tightly together so that it will not fall apart.

03. Wrap rice balls with cut nori sheets according to liking.  I wrapped mine at the base of the triangle where my hand will hold the Onigiri to eat.

04.  Repeat with the rest of the rice.

* from Daiso

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