DIY Journal Planner Printable – Sept to Dec 2015

printable sept to dec 2015 journal 001printable sept to dec 2015 journal 002

2015 is counting down to its final quarter.  Decided to bear an hour of sit-though to complete my DIY journal template for the rest of the year.  Anyway, the last three months of the year usually pass like a whirlwind, with final exams and holiday activities.  I might as well start the planning early.  I missed the August deadline but decided to play catch up, memories can be easily retrieved nowadays with digital trails left behind in the smartphone; whatsapp conversations, photo gallery etc.  Downloadable as a separate file here.

NOTES BEFORE PRINTING: While the PDF file is in A4 size, I design it with an A5 booklet in mind.  The entire Sept-Dec planner takes up 20 pages, but with the booklet layout, it fills up both sides on 5 sheets of A4 paper.  You can easily choose this under the “Page Sizing and Handling” options in the Printing menu.  Click on “Booklet” and then “Both Sides” under Booklet Subset option.  Preview to make sure that the printing take up only 5 sheets of A4 paper.

Monthly Journal Download Title

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