Homemade Pandan Extract

homemadepandanextract001 homemadepandanextract003

Method adapted from here.

Items needed : pandan leaves, some water, a food processor, and a fine mesh filter or a cheese cloth.


01. Discard the dried and dark green outer layer leaves, use only the softer, bright green leaves inside.
02. Trim off the roots and cut up the leaves into small pieces (the smaller the better, pandan leaves are very fibrous and are impossible to blend without cutting them up first), and place them in a food processor.
03. Depending on how much leaves you use, add water bit by bit as you blend, just to make the blending easier.  Adding too much water will dilute and make the extraction of the pandan paste difficult, see my notes below.
04. Filter the blended leaves through a wire mesh/cheese cloth.  Squeeze to the very last drop, even if using your bare hands if necessary!
05. Let filtered pandan juice sits in the fridge for a few days till the pandan extract sink to the bottom of the container.
06.  Remove excess liquid on top and store the pandan extract in a covered container in the fridge, use up within 2 weeks.

++ Notes 001 // I am going to try this extraction method using a coffee filter next time round.   Letting the pandan juice sits a few nights in the fridge works very well for the pandan extract to settle at the bottom of the juice.  However, it was difficult to scoop out the clearer liquid on top without mixing it up with the separated dark green pandan extract below.  The extract is so fine and light; any slight movement, such as the lowering down of the spoon, would inevitably mix up the solution again, though the sediments now take a faster time to sink.  I had no choice but to accept that a little of the top liquid (actually pandan flavored water) will be going into my pandan cake.

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