Muah Chee

muahchee003a muahchee009 muahchee008 muahchee005 muahchee006 muahchee007 muahchee001 muahchee002Every time I order muah chee, I wish that the seller would snip off from the white slab, a bigger piece of the steamed glutinous rice cake for me.  But it’s always the same miserable portion, it could have even gotten smaller over the years with inflation, but I’m not sure.

She would then proceed to cut it further into smaller and smaller (and smaller!) pieces, before finally coating them with peanut grounds (Good thing that they are still pretty generous with the peanuts).  All these, packed into the tiniest palm sized clear plastic box, and I am off to enjoy my 2 minutes of heaven.  Yup, that’s how fast I can chomp them down.

My wish for a larger serving, with bigger chunks, was finally granted after I found the numerous Muah Chee recipes online.  There is the Happy Call Pan method, the Microwave method, the Pan Fry method, and finally, the traditional Steamer method, which I adapted below.

Here’s how:

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For Dough:

200g glutinous rice flour
1 tablespoon shallot oil
2 teaspoons fine sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
250 ml water

For Peanut Ground Mix:

150g roasted unsalted peanuts
75g fine sugar


01. Mix the flour, shallot oil, sugar, salt and water in a big mixing bowl.  Stir well to make sure that there are no lumps.

02. Pour mixture into a greased 6 inch pan, steam over medium heat for 25 minutes.

03. Once the mixture is cooked though, brush some shallot oil over the surface, and allow it to cool.

04. Prepare peanut ground mix by blending peanuts and sugar in a food processor.  Do not over blend, or you’ll get peanut butter.  Put this mixture into a food tray/pan.

05. Now the fun part.  Cut the cooked dough into bite size pieces with a pair of kitchen scissors, the dough will be sticky.  Place the cut dough bits in the peanut mixture, coat well. Once coated, these tiny morsels won’t be as sticky.  Place on plate, top with more peanut ground mix, serve immediately.

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