The Perfect Hardboiled Egg Salad Sandwich

eggsaladsandwich002 eggsaladsandwich001

How many ways can you cook a perfect hard boiled egg?  I have seen this question being asked and replied so many times before.

I have been using this timing from 101 Cookbook for the longest time: 7 minutes exactly. 

This is the amount of time I let the eggs sit fully submerged in a covered pot of water, after the eggs and the water have been brought to a gentle boil TOGETHER in the pot.  Use room temperature eggs, not cold ones, for best results.

After 7 minutes, dip the eggs into a separate pot of cold water to stop the cooking, and let the eggs cool down enough for handling.  I don’t use ice cold water, just water from tap will do.  I prefer to eat the eggs VERY WARM, so I will do the shell peeling immediately, with my hands and eggs in the water, since the shells do not become too hot to touch this way.

The 7 minutes sitting rule works perfectly every time for my large eggs (55g – 60g).  Prior to following this timing, I resorted to leaving my eggs in the hot water (sometimes still boiling!) for as long as I could, to make sure that they are fully cooked.  Later, I realized that the dark green ring that forms on the yolk is a sign of an overcooked egg.  Nothing dangerous or toxic, I guess, just unappealing to the eyes.  Perfectly cooked egg yolks should be prettier in bright yellow.

Try this out and use it to make an equally perfect egg salad sandwich.

++Notes 001 // I managed to yield 4 sandwiches with just 4 large eggs, instead of 6 as per original recipe. I do not want exceed the number of eggs our family eat every week (fat, cholestrol concerns), we do have eggs pretty often.

++Notes002 // I skipped on the lemon juice as I used Kewpie mayonnaise, which I think is slightly more sour than the American version.

/ Source
/ Serves 4


4 large hard boiled eggs, peeled
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
1 bunch of chives, chopped
8 slices of walnut bread, toasted
black pepper, to taste


01. Break up the hard boiled eggs in a large bowl with a fork.

02. Mix in mayonnaise.  Add more if the mixture is not moist enough.

03. Stir in chopped chives.

04. To assemble sandwich, scoop egg salad mixture and spread on a toasted bread slice.

05. Sprinkle some pepper on top of egg salad mixture, finish by topping with a second piece of toast.

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