DIY Popsicle #007 : Yakult Popsicle


I asked myself this before making these Yakult popsicles: “Does freezing Yakult kill the Shirota strain?” Nope, see answer to question 14 here.  Guess it’s the same as freezing yogurt.  They just go dormant.

Somewhere between the original and the orange flavor, right in the middle, things were not freezing well, all my 4 popsicles broke off at the same place when I tried to unmold them.  But they were still yummy nonetheless.

DIY Popsicle Version 007 : Yakult Popiscle
1. Base : Yakult drink (or other fermented milk drink) in 4 flavors.  Wait for one layer to freeze, before adding the next flavor.
2. For some bites : None.  I am getting lazy here….. 🙂

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