Updated : A Squarer Softmeal Bread

softmeal loaf // mono+co softmealloaf// mono+co

This softmeal recipe actually has a version 2.0. The updated recipe has a 60-80 minutes of proofing time after all the ingredients are mixed and kneaded till window pane stage.

++Notes001 // If the loaf has a more rounded corner, this means it could have done better with a longer proofing time.  I final proof the bread for an additional 15 minutes, and it turned out better.

++Notes002 // This is the first attempt with the updated recipe, ingredients remaining the same, but slot in a 60 minutes of first proof, and a slightly longer final proof in the end.

// Adapted from Kitchen Corner
// Yields One 10″x10″x20″ Square Loaf


  • 30g wholemeal flour
  • 270g bread flour
  • 3g instant yeast
  • 6g sugar
  • 5g salt
  • 240ml cold fresh milk
  • 12g unsalted butter, cubed


01. In a mixing bowl, add both types of flour, yeast and sugar, stir to mix well.
02. Pour in salt, but do not stir or mix in at this moment.
03. Turn on the mixer at low speed (I used KitchenAid Speed 1) and with a flat beater attachment, gradually pour in the cold milk, mix till ingredients are just combined.
04. Add in the cubed butter, continue mixing for 2 minutes.
05 Change to a dough hook, and knead at low speed for 20 minutes, or till window pane stage. I increased the mixer speed to level 2 for the final 5 minutes. You can tell that the bread dough is ready and gluten has fully developed when the sides of the mixing bowl is clean, now that the dough is more elastic and doesn’t stick as easily to the sides anymore. If this stage has not been reached, keeping the mixer going, checking every 5 minutes.
06. Remove the mixing bowl from mixer and use one hand to knead the dough into a neat ball. At this stage, the dough should not be too wet but they will still stick to fingers. I apply some butter to my fingers to handle the dough better.
07. Leave the dough in the mixing bowl for 60 minutes. Cover the bowl with a clean towel.
08. After 60 minutes, transfer the dough onto a clean table top or any smooth working surface. You may also oil the working surface slightly with butter to prevent the dough from sticking to it.
09. Divide the dough equally into 2 balls. Mine is About 290g each.
10. Shape the bread accordingly to the method here and arrange them in a greased bread tin.
11. Let the dough goes through a final rise in the bread tin, covered with the clean towel again.
12. When the dough rises to fill up about 90% of the tin, turn on the oven and preheat to 210C. Mine takes about 6 minutes to preheat, adjust accordingly if the oven takes a longer time to heat up.
13. Cover the bread tin, bake it for 40 minutes on the middle rack.
14. When the bread is done, remove it from the tin immediately and cool it completely on a rack before slicing or serving.

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