Turning Old Perfume Into Air Freshener

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I have gone through 2 bottles of perfumes since June, but not as fragrances on myself.  I managed to use them up in the toilet as room sprays.  They were purchased at least 6 to 8 years back, and more than half have been used up.  I purposely chose the ones with the least leftover first as they would be used up faster.  With 2 bottles down, I have another 4 to 5 bottles to to go, before I will allow myself to get a brand new one.  And this time I will be sticking to just one bottle.

On how to remove the spray nozzle from the perfume bottle
That’s how I ended up turning the latest bottle into a diy diffuser
More uses of old perfume
Another suggestion that will make vacuuming more pleasant

What else do you do with your old perfumes?