DIY Journal Planner Printable – July 2015

diy july 2015 journal template

NOTES BEFORE PRINTING: While the PDF file is in A4 size, I design it with a A5 booklet in mind.  The planner portion takes up only 5 pages (Page 2 to 6), but with the booklet layout, I inserted a front and back cover page (Pg1, Pg8), plus a random notes page (Pg7), to fill up both sides on 2 sheets of A4 paper.  You can easily choose this under the “Page Sizing and Handling” options in the Printing menu.  Click on “Booklet” and then “Both Sides” under Booklet Subset option.  Preview to make sure that the printing of the 8 pages document will now take up only 4 pages on 2 sheets of A4 paper.

Monthly Journal Download Title

Keeping Tabs On My Coupon/ Voucher Inventory

coupon inventory list printable

2014 vouchers status : fully redeemed, none left expired.  Hurray.

I have drawn up a fresh A4 template for 2015 -16, the vouchers details are sorted according to their expiry months.  This way, it will be even easier to track down those coupons with expiry dates nearing, and utilize them sooner.

Coupon Inventory Download Title

Notebook Label Printables

notebook label printables

Every end of school term, I will do this.  This year I made cover labels for the recycled notebooks and they are available for download below.


notebook label download


notebook label download



Teachers’ Day Printables

Teachers' Day Printables // Makingitblissful

*This post is totally late as Teachers’ Day fell on the 6th September this year.  But I think the links to the printables will come in handy again when the kids give their teachers a gift of appreciation for the end of the school year later in November.*

I prefer snacks like chocolates or candies when it comes to gift ideas.  I’ll either re-wrap them with a customized candy wrapper, or re-pack them into little bags and add a cute gift tag for a touch of personalization.

I decided on this Owl Thank You Teacher printable from Living Lorcurto in the end, after sourcing through the list of possibilities from the web.  The best part is : they are all FREE!

1. Teachers Are Treasures Chocolate Board via I Heart Naptime
2. Chocolate Bar Wrapper via The Celebration Shoppe
3. Tote-tally Terrific Teacher Gift Tag via Uncommon Designs
4. You are the Berry-Best Gift Tag via Love The Day
5. You are an Awesome Teacher Tag/Label via Design Mom
6. Simple Thank You Card via Tip Junkie

School Day Checklist

The week long school holiday was over in the wink of an eye.  To get the kids ready for the new term, we created a leave-home-checklist: a list of items that they need to bring to school, e.g. water bottle, pocket money, student pass etc.  Special items that are needed on certain days (like, art file on Tuesdays) are also jotted down.

It is useful for the morning rush hour, as the kids can get a bit disorganized on their way out to school.  Best part: they do the checking on their own, and are responsible for their own oversight should they forget anything.