DIY Journal Planner Printable – March 2015

diy 2015 journal template 001 diy 2015 journal template 002diy 2015 journal template 009diy 2015 journal template 004 diy 2015 journal template 005 diy 2015 journal template 006

I just set up my new laser printer after the old one broke down late last year.  The first few things I have printed out are some family photos taken during CNY period and a March Journal template to kickstart a diary habit for my daughters. which works great as a planner too.

IMPORTANT: While the PDF file is in A4 size, I design it with a booklet in mind.  The March calendar planner takes up 5 pages (Page 2 to 6), but with the booklet layout, I inserted a front and back cover page (Pg1, Pg8), plus a random notes page (Pg7) to fill up both sides on 2 sheets of A4 paper.  You can easily choose this under the “Page Sizing and Handling” options in the Printing menu.

March Journal Printable Download

2013 Year End Holiday Calendar Planner

yearendholidayplannercalendar01 yearendholidayplannercalendar02

3 things that I have done since the exams ended:
01. Put the used textbooks aside till the next donation drive.
02. Dropped the non reusable activity books and exam practice papers in the recycling bins.
03. Cleaned up the study room.

I am currently looking out for activities to do in November and December.  Knowing how much I love planners, I created a monthly version this time, for simple tracking of available events around town and my family’s holiday schedule.

Have you started planning your year end activities?