Book Cover 002

bookcover002 // mono+co

Have your kids been journaling/doodling more during the past hazy week?  This is a second exercise book I wrapped with brown paper and simply decorated with a checkered floppy disk label.


kaleidocycle // mono+co kaleidocycle // mono+co

A Kaleido-what?

While making the popup card yesterday, we stumbled upon another great paper craft on the same site to make this toy.  I can’t explain how the thing works, see here for yourself.  The printable template is there too.  Just print it out, give yourself 10 minutes to sort the instructions out, and then impress the kids with it.

Book Cover 001

bookcover001 // mono+co

Journal writing a great activity to unleash kids’ creativity and we get to learn about their thoughts through their work.  I buy standard exercise books from the stationery shops and re-wrap them with brown paper and then embellish the cover with a series of heart-shaped labels.

Mid-Year School Exam


The mid year exam is starting really soon.  I up-cycled a “horse racing calendar” and turned it into a customized calendar/ exam schedule.  Other items used: brown paper and neon post-it notes (to state down the exam dates and the topics / practice papers we need to go through.)

Took a snap before the dates and plans are written on, it can get quite messy with all our last-minute catch up!

School Day Checklist

The week long school holiday was over in the wink of an eye.  To get the kids ready for the new term, we created a leave-home-checklist: a list of items that they need to bring to school, e.g. water bottle, pocket money, student pass etc.  Special items that are needed on certain days (like, art file on Tuesdays) are also jotted down.

It is useful for the morning rush hour, as the kids can get a bit disorganized on their way out to school.  Best part: they do the checking on their own, and are responsible for their own oversight should they forget anything.