DIY Journal Planner Printable – May 2015

diy may 2015 journal template 001

With school exams around the corner, I should have prepare this planner printable earlier and double it as a study planner.  But some last minute chores delayed the printing till today.  I can’t wait for at least 10 months of this to be completed, and then I will bind them like this.

BEFORE PRINTING: While the PDF file is in A4 size, I design it with a A5 booklet in mind.  The planner portion takes up only 5 pages (Page 2 to 7), but with the booklet layout, I inserted a front and back cover page (Pg1, Pg8), to fill up both sides on 2 sheets of A4 paper.  You can easily choose this under the “Page Sizing and Handling” options in the Printing menu.  Click on “Booklet” and then “Both Sides” under Booklet Subset option.  Preview to make sure that the printing of the 8 pages document will now take up only 4 pages on 2 sheets of A4 paper.


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