DIY Popsicle #005 : Sports Drink Popsicle

diypopsicle5 : Sports drink // mono+co

Picked up a bottle of sports drink on impulse after an evening run.  Always find them a tad too sweet, but a sudden urge for the taste of citric acid in my mouth (weird?) kicked in, and I only had a couple of fizzy drinks to choose from the vending machine, so this appeared to be the most rational one after a workout.

As I could not finished the whole bottle, the leftovers went into the popsicle molds.  The good thing about making popsicles with sugar loaded soda/canned drinks, is that you’ll consume lesser of it as a popsicle compared to if you were to drink it as a beverage.  Each popsicle mold has a 70ml capacity, so a can of soda is more than enough to make 4 servings (my Daiso mold comes in set of 4 popsicles).  The Big Man get the same level of satisfaction from eating one popsicle and from drinking a can of soda, but the amount of sugar consumed makes all the difference.

Leave the opened soda can standing on the counter for a few minutes till all the fizz are gone, before pouring it into the mold.  Otherwise, there will be lots of air pockets when the popsicle is done freezing.

The taste of this popsicle reminded me of the 10 cents ice tubes we used to eat during the younger days.

DIY Popsicle Version 005 : Sports Drink Popiscle
1. Base : Any sports drink of any flavor, if carbonated, leave the opened can/bottle on counter for a few minutes to let all the fizz out.
2. For some bites : I did not add any, but I think a few squeeze of lemon or lime could intensify the acidity of the popsicle.  The freezing process tame that down quite a bit.

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